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10 Questions: Palmerston North artist Naga Tsutsumi

Manawatu Guardian
28 Dec, 2023

In today’s instalment of our summer series 10 Questions, we meet Palmerston North artist Naga Tsutsumi.

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What New Level Three Lockdown Means for the Arts | The Big Idea

12 Aug 2020

Speaking of kilns, Palmerston North artist Naga Tsutsumi has started creating large scale works using charcoal from totara trees, a technique he’s personally perfected. Here’s a fascinating film and accompanying Manawatu Stuff story.

Artist draws with charcoal from totara trees |

Aug 05 2020

An artist makes charcoal from totara trees and now draws them in a bid to discover what it means to be New Zealand made.

Naga Tsutsumi has lived in New Zealand for 19 years and works from a small studio in the front of his Palmerston North home.

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How a Palmerston North artist turns fast-food into art | North & South Nov 2019

Oct 1, 2019

There should be a warning taped to the door of Naga Tsutsumi’s studio: “Don’t enter if you’re hungry.” The Palmerston North artist is currently working on a fast-food series for his next exhibition, Vanished Travellers (Zimmerman Art Gallery, 1-31 October), and elaborate drawings of burgers, pizza and bowls of pasta line the walls.

Naga Tsutsumi's charcoal fast-food creations a feast for the eyes |

Oct 12 2019

Artist Naga Tsutsumi almost salivates when talking about the deep affection he holds for his latest exhibition inspiration – fast food. Greer Berry reports.

Charcoal for art, micro-cars and a spirulina farm receive funding |

Nov 10 2018

An artist who resented the price of charcoal now has the chance to make his own artistic tools from totara.

Japanese artist Naga Tsutsumi has moved past drawing pictures in any old charcoal to inventing his own totara charcoal sticks.

Adding words into an artistic conversation |

February 26 2018

A conversation with a cartoonist got Palmerston North artist Naga Tsutsumi thinking about a new way to put expression into his art.  These ideas then found their way into his latest exhibition.  Tsutsumi has been exhibiting annually at Zimmerman Art Gallery in Palmerston North since 2013 and after a chat with local cartoonist Brent Putze he said he "rediscovered the power of cartoons and comics".

The places we live in when we close our eyes |

February 2 2017

A painting sits on Naga Tsutsumi's easel. The background is an immense, very full, book case and the inertia of nostalgia is conjured up with a stepping back. It's a dream space, a deja vu place and it tilts your head in thought. 

Artist tackles identity in new Palmerston North exhibition |

July 8 2015

Naga Tsutsumi has fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming a fulltime artist and while his new exhibition is titled I am not afraid, he admits to a little trepidation. 

Time is on artist's side |

Oct 3, 2014

Artist Naga Tsutsumi made a choice early in his life that he didn't want to be another cog in the wheel, and started on a path to discover a better way and a slower pace.

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I was referred in the book Secret of the Artists by Dr Romuald Rudzki (Page 120)

Northland Totara Working Group  Newsletter Aug 2020

Northland Totara Working Group Newsletter Aug 2020

The Tribune Mar 2011

The Tribune Mar 2011

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Manawatu Standard Oct 2013

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Manawatu Standard May 2008

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